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West Coast Stewardship Land Reclassification | NZDA Makes Submission on Hunters Behalf

NZDA encourages members to make submissions.

20 July 2022

DOC are now seeking submissions on the stewardship land reclassification on the West Coast, we are asking hunters to contribute and help determine the best outcome for this land.

We have prepared a detailed submission on behalf of the association on the Stewardship Land Reclassification on the West Coast. This reminds DOC the importance of working positively with hunters. You can read a copy of our submission below.

We are encouraging members and branches to have a say on the proposed reclassifications for 504 pieces of stewardship land on the West Coast before final decisions are made.

Submissions are due 5pm on 26 July 2022. You can find more information on the DOC website here.

It is vital that hunters are heard, seen, and respected by DOC, especially in an era where we are forced to fight for our right to hunt.

NZDA's Submission:

We're here to represent you and your fellow hunters against changes which could restrict our access to public land and valued game animals.

Click the cover below to view.


More Information:

If you feel strongly about accessing hunting areas on stewardship land, in particular the West Coast region, we encourage you to write even a short letter to DOC to let them know your feelings.

View maps and supporting documents here.


If you would like to submit:


There is an online form you can navigate through the consultation form using the ‘next’ and ‘back’  buttons.

Access the form here.


Subject line: West Coast stewardship land reclassification


Stewardship Land Reclassification Project

C/- Department of Conservation,

Private Bag 4715, Christchurch Mail Centre

Christchurch 8140

Attention: Anna Cameron



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