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Marlborough Branch Gets New Hunters Hunting

NZDA Supports New Hunters

4 January 2022

Marlborough Branch has introduced a ‘Newbie Hunter Scheme’ aimed at getting new members and currently unlicenced hunters the opportunity to learn from experienced committee members, who teach them all the basics of hunting in a controlled environment.

The Elsmore family and Geoff Ching report on their experiences getting out for a hunt. All four of the hunters in this article are unlicenced, both adults have applied for their licence.

Reminder! If you’re a NZDA member, an experienced hunter and considering becoming a HUNTS instructor, get in touch with your committee to express your interest. We are on the hunt for new instructors as we roll out a new training system this year!

The Elsmore Family

Bec Elsmore writes: "Oscar (13) and Baxter (12) have had hunting firmly on the brain for a few years now and this was the motivation for joining the Marlborough NZDA after a lot of procrastination on my part. We were quickly given the opportunity to go on a newbie hunt with Trev and Russell. With firearm safety quizzes and target practice passed, the gear list was packed and off we went. We learnt so much. Tramping gear is noisy, knives need to be sharp, boots need to be tied tight to avoid blisters, basics of stalking, looking around when walking, hunting is from point A to ? not A to B like tramping, wind direction, firearm safety on the move, butchering to name a few. The boys got a goat each and I got two (there is definitely a score to settle now). We have devoured roasted goat, backstraps, goat pies and a Jamaican goat curry. The boys absolutely enjoyed the day and are definitely hooked, as am I. Trev and Russell took such good care of us and made the day a huge success. We are almost through the meat. It’s so tender and lean. I’m going to attempt to make sausages. Have found a recipe for goat chorizo, has tequila in the ingredients. Goat and tequila who would have thought."

Baxter Elsmore writes: "I really liked the hunting experience. The best thing was shooting my first goat from a standing position. I learnt a lot about firearm safety and to tie my boots properly (Baxter got blisters caused by not tying his boots tight enough – in fact not tying them at all). I got to use my hunting knife for the first time removing legs from the goat. Goat curry is AMAZING."

Oscar Elsmore writes: "I had an amazing time on my hunting trip. I shot one goat and I almost got another one but he was too quick and got away. I really liked getting out into nature and seeing all the animals. The hardest bit was getting the meat off the goat, however my favourite part was shooting the animal and the pies made from the meat, OMG the pies!!!"

Geoff Ching writes: "I have recently joined Marlborough NZDA but do not yet have my Firearms Licence due to the long delays in processing. However I am able to still enjoy the hunting experience if I am supervised by a licenced firearm owner. I was given this exact opportunity a couple of weeks back when a Senior Member of the branch took me out as part of a scheme they are running for ‘newbies’. It was fantastic, I had never shot anything bigger than a rabbit before, but after being shown the basics of firearm safety and hunting deer I bagged this one at 215yds. I then quickly learnt that pulling the trigger was the easy bit, butchering and carrying out is when the work truly begins. I had an awesome time and can’t wait for the next…"