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Solo Hunting Can Make A Difference For Conservation

With the right philosophy, hunters can make a positive impact, conserving what we love most.

12 January 2022

Simon Wyatt from Blenheim Branch is a NZDA member playing his part to conserve and nurture his local deer population.

Simon found time to spend 4 days in the bush back in January of last year. He set out to find new hunting ground, taking only a camera. From the headwaters he camped and familiarised himself with the area and with no nearby DOC huts or trails, like many areas of public land it has been left to rule itself.

Solo Hunting Camp

Solo Hunting Camp

He observed over 200 goats. The few deer he saw in the area were competing for feed with the large goat population over browsing the area.

Close up of a goat

Simon etched a plan to bring his skills as a hunter and philosophy as a deerstalker to bring balance back to the nature. Wanting to see the bush revived with a balance in population, so that the deer may thrive.

two young stags

He returned the following month and took 45 goats and 1 deer for the trip. The following 3 trips followed a similar pattern, 48, 34 and 37 goats, with a few smaller good eating deer.

More than a year on, Simon continues to play his part for conservation in the area. Bringing balance and relief to a pocket of native forest.


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