About The NZDA
We promote safe and ethical hunting

Founded in 1937, the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Incorporated (NZDA) represents the interests of New Zealand’s hunters as a not-for-profit and non-government organisation (NGO).

Nationally, we are the voice of New Zealand’s hunters.

Locally, we are your hunting club.

NZDA is made up of its members by a nationwide Branch network of 49 local hunting clubs. This makes NZDA a democratic body giving a voice to hunters and raising concerns of the hunting community both locally and nationally.

We have been protecting New Zealand’s hunters’ rights and our big game animals for generations and our fundamental purpose is to:

  • ensure the traditions of recreational hunting and the rights of recreational hunters in
    New Zealand are protected, advanced and advocated for in the best interests of
    sportsmen and sportswomen.
  • be the national body in New Zealand representing and advocating on behalf of
    recreational hunters.

NZDA currently represents and advocates on behalf of its 10,000 active members and provides them with meeting facilities and halls, accommodation and huts, hunting competitions, information and advice, and training.

Become part of NZDA to help strengthen our voice and enjoy sharing your passion with like-minded hunters.

Together we are strong.

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Picture: "Time Out" by Martin Moeller (North Taranaki branch) winner of 2017 Human Interest photographic national competition.