NZDA Makes Submission on Natural and Built Environment Bill Consultation

NZDA makes submission for and on behalf of NZDA and recreational hunters.

7 February 2023

Please find attached NZDA’s submission on the Natural and Built Environment Bill.

Our key concerns relate to ensuring we have a framework that reflects hunting and shooting and its traditions and expressly deals with shooting ranges and shooting activities because these activities are now regulated under the Arms Act 1983, Part 6, and require consents - the entire purpose of this new Bill. 

Many of our ranges rely on the concept of 'existing use rights' which will be removed by proposals in this Bill. As clubs, we already know it is hard enough to find land to carry out shooting activities on, and so we need to make Parliament aware of the needs of our sport and recreation. We also detail our concerns that valued introduced animals, like our big game animals, need to be reflected in the Bill. 

What will this new law do?

The Government intends to repeal the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and replace large parts of our consent process and decision framework with the Natural and Built Environment Bill and the Spatial Planning Bill.

The Natural and Built Environment Bill (NBE Bill) aims to protect and restore the environment while better enabling development, and is the primary replacement for the RMA.

However, the Bill does not deal with shooting sports or hunting rights adequately. These need to be included to the extent possible, so that our access and use of land for hunting and shooting is contemplated and protected. 

This is NZDA's second submission for the year as the pace of law changes continues. 

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