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NZDA North Island Rep Takes Son For First Hunt

An Experience Of A Lifetime.

30 November 2021

“Dad, when can I go hunting” – “I don’t know Jack, when your 7”…….  Sheeeeesh……. From the 4 year old to the 7 year old asking me every time I loaded up the truck it came around really fast!

The problem I was facing was that I was a SI in the North Island and had no access to private land.  Even some of the easier land in the Kawekas would likely be a bridge too far.  I had spoken to a lot of other guys that had been through the same thing.  The warnings were strong and hold true – to put it simple “make sure the first hunt is a positive one – don’t force the fact, take HEAPS of clothes to ensure they are dry and warm all the time and invest heavily in snacks – mostly the kind they love to eat”.

I was in a predicament – I kept pushing it off as I also felt as thought it maybe more pain than what it would be worth and if it wasn’t perfect would ruin it for ever……..  the months dragged on.

During a NI regional meeting held at the NZDA head office in Wellington I met father and son combo Stephen (North Taranaki NZDA) and Mark Heath (Wellington). 

Stephen and Mark offered the chance to host myself and Jack long for a hunt alongside Bryce and Jess from Wellington.

I was thrilled.  Not only for a chance to take Jack for his first hunt but also a hunt alongside great understanding and patient people who also gave Jack the experience of comradery in the hills.

It was well planned, and a fantastic experience, Jack loved it learned a lot, so did I.  It was an experience I will never forget and was easily one of the best hunts I have ever been on.  An experience I was not prepared for at all.  I cannot wait until we can do it again.


Only hiccup…………………… Jack spotted the animal, wont live that down!

Thanks a bunch Stephen and Heath!

It was the NZDA that provided me the opportunity and a special combo of hunters that made it EPIC!  This has been a common theme during my time in the NZDA.

Get to you local branch meetings, get involved and meet like minded individuals that could feature in your own experience of a lifetime!