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NZDA National Game Animal Research Fund

NZDA has a formalised process of applying for funding from the Game Animal Research Fund.

NZDA research funds are awarded by the NZDA Board to candidates who support the strategic direction and benefit the NZDA specifically in the area of game animal research. Funds will be allocated in the form of a cash grants.

The fund is freely contestable and available to all NZDA members, our branches, and non NZDA members alike.

The funds will be awarded on the basis of:

  • The applicant’s alignment with the strategic direction and benefit in the area of game animal research
  • The applicant’s potential for, or record of research
  • Applicants may be awarded more than one round of funding
  • The granting of funding requires a formal application, grantee accountability and reporting of findings.

Examples of direct and indirect Game Animal related usage (non-exhaustive) considered within the intent:

  • Social, cultural and political research relating to the hunting of Game Animals
  • Ecological impact studies
  • Herd of special interest studies
  • Systems/processes/technology that support sustainable hunting of Game Animals
  • Education resource development and delivery relating to Game Animals

Any grant is approved by the NZDA Board, there is no obligation to award a cash grant in any year that there is no suitable candidate program of work or any year there that there is a suitable candidate.

Submission Process

Complete and submit your application (download form below).

Email to | Subject: "Research Grant Application"

Applications are subject to the application timeframes.

Application Timeframes

  1. Opens: 31st July yearly.

  2. Closes: 31st October yearly.

  3. Decision Date: Notice of decision by 15th December, following December board meeting.

  4. Funds Available: From 1 March the following year.

The style of funding is open therefore we ask you to get creative, be bold, contact those students who are planning their masters and scratching their heads for a topic and funding source!

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