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Meikle Willets Memorial 'Young Hunters Course' Makes A Difference

Many Kiwi Kids Are Never Offered An Opportunity To Learn To Hunt, Read How North Otago Branch Is Making A Difference.

11 December 2021

The Meikle Willets Memorial Young Hunters Course was created in commemoration of Trevor Meikle and Johnny Willets, two long serving past members and stalwarts of North Otago Branch. The course is for 13-15 year olds who are interested in starting into hunting, but never had the opportunity.

It is well advertised, in newspapers, sports shops and local secondary schools with those interested making an application.  

Each year approximately 8 - 10 lucky applicants are guided by experienced qualified guides onto local properties. They are given the opportunity to stay overnight in backcountry huts and bag their first ever big game animal. These are usually deer but often a few pigs are taken as well. Families of participants also reap the rewards of a successful hunt, with each taking their own game meat home.

Over the course of the weekend, young hunters receive tuition in firearms safety, conservation, animal behaviour, general safety and survival in the outdoors, butchery and processing animals.

The branch members involved each year are happy to give their time and share their experience. They believe the smiles on the faces of young hunters when they bag their first animal is worth it all.

NZDA is proud to report that many of these young girls and boys go on to be successful and keen hunters in later life.