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NZDA Submission on Firearms Registry Consultation

NZDA makes submission for and on behalf of NZDA and recreational hunters. Responses close 12 October 2022

12 October 2022

NZDA has prepared a submission on behalf of members and recreational hunters New Zealand wide on the proposed regulations which you can access below.

We have provided extensive feedback on the proposed regulations and register design which Police will have to consider before they move forward with their regulations.

What has NZDA done?

First and foremost, NZDA opposed the register as a policy at the time the law was passed by the Government (formed by Labour, Greens and NZFirst). We submitted in opposition to that effect to Parliament at the Select Committee stage when the law was changed. We maintain that stance and have voiced it strongly throughout our submission.

We have been, and continue to sit in consultations, provide considered feedback to Police, and make submissions on behalf of NZDA members and the hunting and shooting community. 

Most importantly we continue to advocate strongly for members' rights through working with political parties, holding Police accountable through the Official Information Act and working with others in the firearms community through the Firearms Community Advisory Forum.

NZDA has prepared a detailed submission and will continue to work directly with Police to ensure we actually continue to have safe processes for members and the firearms community.

Find a copy of the NZDA submission here or by clicking the image below.

Read NZDA's Submission:

More Context

Key Points from the NZDA Submission:

  • Police must not breach the Privacy Act 2020 by collecting more information that is necessary for their lawful purpose (of ensuring the safe use of firearms and maintaining a register to assist with that purpose) or storing it for longer than is necessary.
  • The centralised storage of information on firearms and firearms licence holders poses a huge public safety risk if done incorrectly by creating a "shopping-list" for thieves. Police need to account for this not only by ensuring systems are secured but also that information is only kept in so far as it is necessary.
  • Access to the register needs to be managed and allow for agencies, clubs, individuals and organisations to access certain information easily whilst restricting access to certain sensitive information. For example, clubs and ranges should be able to search the register quickly and efficiently to ensure their members are still licenced but they should not have access to members other personal information.

Please note:

  • Consultation does not include the establishment of the Firearms Registry, access to the Registry by other Agencies, or offences related to the Registry, all of which are already set out in the Act.
  • The consultation closes on 12 October 2022.
  • The new regulations will be gazetted by the beginning of May 2023. Further communications will be released at this time.

What can you do?

Tell people. Make a submission. Please, we urge all members to have their say on this via the submission process.

You still have today to prepare a submission and you can use the NZDA's document to inform your views.

If licenced firearms owners do not make a stand for their rights and voice their views Police will continue to reform the firearms regulatory system in a way that damages our future as law-abiding firearms owners.

Visit the Police Site: here.

NZDA Policy on Firearms

We get asked a lot, but here's our Association's policy on this issue:

NZDA supports a firearms regulation framework that protects law-abiding users and does not apply penalties or ‘red-tape’ costs to those owners and which guarantees efficiency and safety.

In respect to firearms, NZDA’s policies are:

  1. To maintain the right of the people generally to own and bear firearms and to oppose any regulations which would unduly restrict such rights.
  2. To support the principles of firearms registration of the user based on appropriate levels of qualification, and to oppose registration of individual firearms as a system which has been a proven failure.
  3. To support firearms security measures which by their economy and effectiveness, will encourage purchase and use.
  4. To oppose security measures which are designed as a financial penalty to discourage ownership of some category firearms.
  5. To support the penalising of intimidation by use of firearms.
  6. To safeguard property both private and public and to show due respect for the rights and safety of others.
  7. To promote international and Olympic style competition shooting and the grading and participation in such competitions.

Make a submission:


NZ Police invite your feedback on proposals

Submissions will be analysed and final proposals will be developed for consideration by Cabinet.

They will be setting up question and answer sessions for stakeholders in the coming weeks which NZDA will be apart of.

Submissions are due by Wednesday, 12th of October. 

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