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An Important Change to Air New Zealand's Firearms Carriage Requirements

12 November 2021

Air New Zealand’s Dangerous Goods Specialist has advised NZDA that there are changes to their firearms carriage requirements.

Effective 17th November 2021, all passengers traveling with firearms will be required to undergo two ‘Ownership Verification Checks’.

Check 1: Departure

During Check-In

The passenger/owner will be required to present one of the following:

  • a current Firearms Licence
  • a current Visitors Firearms Licence
  • a valid Import Permit

The Customer Service Agent will check:

  • the booking name is the same as the document
  • the document is current e.g. not expired, not valid

If the check is successful, a ‘Deliver to Passenger or Baggage Services’ tag will be attached to the bag/case and accepted for travel. This tag will not require a signature, neither will the passenger/owner be given a copy. 

Should the passenger/owner fail the ‘Ownership Verification Check’ the firearm will not be permitted to travel and the check-in process will be terminated.

Check 2: Arrival

On Arrival at Destination and prior to releasing the Firearm

The firearm will either be delivered directly to the Passenger or to Baggage Services Office (if available). In both instances the passenger/owner will be required to pass the ‘Ownership Verification Check’ (the same as when checking-in) before the item will be released.

Should the passenger/owner fail the ‘Ownership Verification Check’, the firearm will not be released. The local Police will be called and the item handed to them.

For more information on traveling with Firearms, please check Air New Zealand's website: