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NZDA membership is open to all hunters of good repute who agree with NZDA’s purpose and objectives. NZDA is currently made up of 49 Branches formed by 10,000 Members.

NZDA members meet regularly at branch meetings. Branches themselves are run by duly elected committees voted in at each branch’s annual general meeting. Branch committees attend regional gatherings, committee meetings, as well as sending their nominated Delegates to the annual NZDA Conference, which serves as the NZDA’s annual general meeting.

Conference has a fully-packed agenda where branch nominated delegates and guests discuss and agree on actions to be taken regarding topics to be addressed, in accordance with the principles of NZDA.

Conference is held in the month of July each year.

Delegates at Conference elect the NZDA’s governing board of officers, called the National NZDA Board or known as “Natex” for short. The National Board consists of 7 elected officers comprising the National President, the National Vice-President, the National Treasurer, as well as four more officers, two from the North Island and two, the South Island. The immediate past National President also remains on the National Executive for one year. This executive make up ensures all issues affecting New Zealand’s hunters are represented on the National Board.

The National Board selects the National Secretary, who has no voting rights.

The National Board meets five to eight times a year.

Elections for the National Board positions take place every year at the NZDA’s Conference, according to branch voting strength system were 20 Members equates to 1 vote.

All NZDA decisions are passed in similar democratic process, pursuant to our Standing Orders.

The National Board is the NZDA’s management and policy development body. It carries out the policy guidelines and liaises between the NZDA’s branches and its members. It takes all the NZDA’s management and administrative decisions as the need arises.

The National Board delegates certain powers to the Chief Executive, who is responsible for the day to day operation of the NZDA and for implementing the National Board’s decisions.

The NZDA’s governance system is democratic, robust and transparent.

NZDA 71st Annual Conference