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New Zealand Hunting & Wildlife magazine is our member magazine which is released quarterly. It is filled with great hunting yarns, informative articles and updates on the projects our organisation, branches, and members are undertaking.

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Stories and articles

Any submitted content that is published wins vouchers - Hunting & Fishing, Countdown groceries, or Fuel vouchers.

Topics - Hunting stories, these don’t need to be about the taking of a trophy animal, just good yarns that will appeal to hunters. Conservation projects being undertaken by NZDA members like trapping programs or hut rebuilds for example. How-to-Articles where the author shares practical knowledge on anything from bush hunting skills to mounting a scope are always popular

Writing an article - A hunting story needs an introduction, then the hunt as it happened and finally a conclusion. How To and Destination articles will have a similar format. You don’t need to be an expert author to contribute as the Editor can help polish the article.

Articles need to be supplied in Word or a similar programme. Don’t insert photos into an article, send as separate files. PDF files are NOT acceptable as it is difficult to extract text reliably.  The length of an article should be 1000-3000 words.

Photos - A selection of good photos to support an article is very important. They need to be taken in the highest resolution possible and be in focus. A selection of 4-10 photos is required. These can be of an animal taken, camp scenes, scenic, live animal shots, hunters glassing, showing technical detail etc.

Feedback and contact - Submit your feedback, articles or advertising inquiries to Ivan Pavich, Editor.

Any submitted content that is published wins vouchers - Hunting & Fishing, Countdown groceries, or Fuel vouchers.

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About the Editor

Editor Ivan

Ivan Pavich, Editor since January 2024.

Ivan brings a unique blend of experiences, a passion for the outdoors, hunting and shooting, and a fresh perspective to the publication. As a long-standing and active NZDA member of the Waikato Branch, he is deeply embedded in the hunting community, fostering connections and understanding the needs and interests of fellow enthusiasts.

Beyond his hunting career, Ivan is a noteworthy sportsman. Formerly part of the New Zealand Rowing team, he competed at multiple World Championships and has captained the New Zealand Boxing Team, where he fought in the flyweight category.

In addition to his outdoor pursuits and sports achievements, Ivan is also an accomplished photographer. His inspiring journey serves as a testament that with passion, dedication, and hard work, one can excel in multiple fields.

Ivan is seeking to build on the heritage of NZ Hunting & Wildlife magazine and enhance its status as a source of information, advice and inspiration for recreational hunters.

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