NZDA Makes Submission on National TBFree Operations Consultation

NZDA makes submission for and on behalf of NZDA and recreational hunters.

28 September 2023

Please find attached NZDA’s submission National TBFree Operations Consultation.

The NZDA submission seeks to provide OSPRI with the views of recreational hunters on OSPRI’s planned aerial 1080 operations for 2024. It provides the general views of NZDA and is based on NZDA policy and informed by current game animal management science.

NZDA has opposed the indiscriminate use of 1080 since the late 1950s. This position is identified in our policy and annual planning processes. We continue our strong opposition to using 1080, where it can negatively impact recreational hunters and the quality or quantity of game animals and lead to non-target by-kill.

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More Context

About the Consultation

The National Aerial Operations Plan 2024 outlines our proposed TBfree pest control operations for next year.

We're inviting feedback from key stakeholders, industry and community groups on the nature, boundaries and timing of proposed operations.

We will use your feedback to help inform the final proposal.


Read the full text or make your own submission here.


Submissions closed Saturday, 30 September 2023.

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