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Air New Zealand: Are you traveling with gun cleaner?

Notice from Air New Zealand

2 February 2023

If you are intending to travel with any cleaning fluids, it's important to check they are not classified as a dangerous good i.e. if they have a UN number then they are strictly forbidden in passenger baggage. Should they be found in checked baggage, the passenger will be delayed and asked to explain. As this is a regulatory breach, fines may also be applied.


"We received notice of a recent incident involving ‘gun cleaning liquid’, carried by a passenger with their firearm. The substance was ‘Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner’ and was detected in checked baggage due to it leaking.

An investigation has shown this cleaner is classified as a dangerous good (flammable liquid). This was determined by looking at the products’ ‘Safety Data Sheet’, section 14 Transport Information (see attached). The UN number, UN1993 shown in the data sheet, means this product can only be transported as dangerous goods cargo.  This means that when consigned as cargo, it has been packed, documented and checked by trained personnel."

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