New Editor Assumes Leadership at NZDA’s 'NZ Hunting and Wildlife Magazine'


24 January 2024

The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Inc (NZDA) is delighted to announce a new era for its magazine 'NZ Hunting and Wildlife' with the appointment of Ivan Pavich as the Editor. Ivan brings a unique blend of experiences, passion for the outdoors, hunting and shooting, and a fresh perspective to the publication, ensuring an exciting chapter for the NZDA recreational hunting community.

Simon Gibson's Legacy: A Fond Farewell

After five years of dedicated service, Simon Gibson bids farewell to 'NZ Hunting and Wildlife’ magazine. Under his leadership, the magazine has thrived, becoming a cornerstone for recreational hunting enthusiasts, and promoting recreational hunting and shooting interests in a positive way. Simon's commitment to promoting responsible hunting, keeping members informed of issues affecting them, and showcasing our volunteers’ stories has left an indelible mark on the publication.

Reflecting on his tenure, Simon expressed gratitude for the support and collaboration within the Deerstalkers community. "It's been an incredible journey, and I have full confidence that Ivan in collaboration with the team, will bring new energy and ideas to further enhance the magazine."

Welcome Ivan Pavich: A Versatile and Energetic Voice for Recreational Hunters

Ivan Pavich, the incoming Editor, is a remarkable individual whose diverse background adds a unique dimension to 'NZ Hunting and Wildlife.' He is a long-standing and active NZDA member of the Waikato Branch. Ivan's big game hunting journey began in 2019 after completing the Waikato HUNTS course. His passion for the outdoors, hunting and firearms quickly blossomed into a full-fledged commitment, that led to him reviving the Waikato Branch digital magazine.

Beyond his hunting career Ivan is a noteworthy sportsman. Formerly part of the New Zealand rowing team he competed at multiple world championships and has captained the New Zealand Boxing Team where he fought in the flyweight category.

Deerstalkers CEO Gwyn Thurlow states, “It is an exciting time for the magazine with Ivan joining the team. He adds to the growing pool of talented people working hard for recreational hunters across the country.”

“With the support of our Marketing Manager, Hugh, and the reputation of the NZDA continuing to grow as a recognised and trusted brand, I hope our members share our excitement and wish Ivan all the best as he continues to build on the great work of our former editor, Simon.”

“I encourage hunters to submit their amazing content to Ivan because, as a members’ magazine, sharing our adventures, ideas, stories, and pictures is important. The magazine is the voice of the NZDA.”, says Gwyn.

Ivan primarily hunts the Central North Island but has recently relocated to the South Island, providing him with a unique perspective on the diverse landscapes New Zealand has to offer. As a member of the Waikato Branch, Ivan is deeply embedded in the hunting community, fostering connections and understanding the needs and interests of fellow enthusiasts.

In addition to his outdoor pursuits, Ivan is an avid photographer, capturing the beauty of hunting experiences and its landscapes. His eye for detail and storytelling through imagery is expected to enrich the visual appeal of future issues of 'NZ Hunting and Wildlife.'

Expressing his enthusiasm for the role, Ivan stated, "I am honoured to lead 'NZ Hunting and Wildlife' and contribute to the legacy built by Simon Gibson and the editors before him. My goal is to further connect with the hunting community, share compelling stories, and showcase the incredible diversity of New Zealand's outdoors and our hunting culture."

About the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association

The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association is the leading organisation committed to promoting responsible hunting, wildlife conservation, and safe firearm use for New Zealand’s recreational hunters and shooters. 'NZ Hunting and Wildlife' is a quarterly publication that serves as the association's official magazine, providing a platform for enthusiasts to share knowledge, experiences, and insights about recreational hunting and shooting.




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