Covid-19 Update: Hunting Permitted Under Covid-19 Level 2 and 3

COVID-19 Update

This is a courtesy update to let you know how the current Covid Alert Levels that in place from today impact your ability to go hunting. The current alert levels are in place for 12 days. 

Level 2
All hunting is permitted at Alert Level 2 on both private and public conservation land.   

Level 3
You can hunt on both private and public conservation land, but game bird hunting is not allowed.

Hunters are not permitted to stay in DOC huts or campgrounds located in areas under Alert Level 3, i.e. Auckland region.

You need to stay within your region and stick to your bubble. Overnight trips are not allowed. You may only hunt on foot — using quad bikes, off-road bikes, helicopters and other motorised vehicles is not allowed. Your hunting must also be consistent with the usual local area restrictions.

For further information see here:

You can also visit the Mountain Safety Council's outdoors guide here:

Keep a record
All hunters should also keep track of where they have been, including where and who they have been hunting with, to assist with rapid contact tracing if that is required.

It is recommended you download and use the Ministry of Health’s COVID Tracer App.