Molesworth Hunting Block Access 2024

 29 April 2024

Marlborough NZDA are calling on all hunters who had Molesworth Hunting Blocks in 2024 that are accessed via the Acheron Rd to provide us with some info. We know there were many who could not get to their blocks as a result of the Acheron Rd being closed due to ‘fire risk’.

We are gathering data to raise awareness about this issue with the Department of Conservation. Please answer the following question via email to with the subject ‘Molesworth Access’.

Please also provide your answers in the sequence below to make it easier to collate the data.

  1. Name of block and date of booking
  2. of hunters in party
  3. Did you go Y/N? If yes, then how did you access? ie walk, MTB, e-bike, UBCO 2x2 etc. If no, what was the main factor for your decision? ie weather, safety, too far etc
  4. Did you apply for an ‘Activity Permit’ for vehicle access? Were you successful? If not, what were the reasons given?
  5. Did you observe any other vehicles on the Acheron Rd during the closure? If so, type and regularity, supply any evidence ie photos.
  6. Were there any other issues that affected your hunting trip? eg how it affected your meat recovery or head recovery, decisions around how many animals you chose to take, length of stay etc.

Marlborough NZDA are trying to improve access to Molesworth for hunters and this data will help in our discussions. Please do not rant and rave on this post in public, you can do that in your email if you feel the need.

We understand this was frustrating for some, particularly given that the road was opened up over Easter for 4 days then promptly closed again, even though the road was supposed to remain open until 7pm 14 April.

Please share this post with your hunting groups and friends.

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