Names Voted for Sika Spikers Tracking Program

NZDA Unveils Names for Three Sika Deer Sponsored by Recreational Hunter’s Game Animal Research Fund for a Unique Tracking Project in Central North Island


24 April 2024

The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association (NZDA) is thrilled to announce the official names for three sika deer spikers sponsored by NZDA as part of the Sika Foundation’s Sika Spiker Tracking Program.

After a membership wide poll and naming selection process involving submissions and votes from our members, three names have been chosen to represent NZDA’s involvement in this important research initiative.


The winning names are: 

  1. Yes Deer 
  1. No Deer 
  1. Three Bags Full Deer 


The names given to certain animals by the hunting community can be humorous, but it should not detract from the serious commitment they have towards monitoring and studying the sika deer population in New Zealand. This research will be of great value to wildlife conservation efforts, and will help to establish sustainable hunting practices. Ultimately, it will help manage these beautiful animals for future generations of New Zealanders to enjoy.

In January 1905, three sika hinds and a stag, presented by the Duke of Bedford, were released in what is now known as Poronui, on the Eastern edge of the Kaimanawa Forest Park.

"Sika are a premiere game animal, and going on a sika hunt is on the bucket list of all Kiwi recreational hunters," stated Richard Wells, NZDA Reseach Lead and Board Member.

Wells went on to say; "Securing a trophy class 8-point stag is a great achievement for any keen hunter."

Sika are one of the species being considered alongside Wapiti and Tahr as a ‘Herd of Special Interest’ under the Game Animal Council Act 2013 by Government.

The Sika Spikers Tracking Program aims to gather vital data on sika deer behaviour, population dynamics, and habitat utilisation to inform effective management strategies. By utilising state-of-the-art tracking technology and harnessing the expertise of the Sika Foundation, the NZDA is committed to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting responsible stewardship of our game animals and their habitats.

"Our members have demonstrated incredible creativity and enthusiasm in proposing and selecting these names for the Sika Spikers Tracking Program," said Wells. "They are ridiculous names, but we hope they will entertain and resonate with both our community and the broader public, highlighting the importance of our research efforts in preserving the natural balance of our ecosystems."

NZDA wishes the dedicated team at the Sika Foundation success and looks forward to following the progress of Yes Deer, No Deer and Three Bags Full Deer as the spikers’ movement adds to our knowledge
of sika deer.


For media enquiries and further information, please contact: 

Richard Wells
Research Fund Board Member, New Zealand Deerstalkers Association

Mike Clinch, Sika Foundation Email:


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