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North Canterbury Branch Restores Doubtful Hut

10 NZDA Members Restore The Old Forest Service Hut

29 January 2022

North Canterbury Branch steps in to restore Doubtful Hut. The old 2 bunk Forest Service hut on the Doubtful Valley track, located in the Lake Sumner Recreational Hunting Area was in need of some serious TLC.

Consideration was given to replacing the hut in its entirety but the Department of Conservation assessed the hut as having heritage value. The decision was made to repair it in place.

In partnership with the Department of Conservation 10 members of the North Canterbury Deerstalkers’ got to work over a 4-day weekend. The hunters removed the chimney (the old open fire was unable to be replaced), repaired the roof, gave it a lick of paint and squeezed a third bunk into the structure.


The Doubtful Hut is a two hour walk from SH7 in the Lewis Pass.  Cross the Boyle River then follow the poled track on the true right of the Doubtful River across open flats to the bush. Here, pick up the track to Doubtful Hut. It offers good spring hunting on the river flats or as a stop off point for hunting on the tops of the Doubtful Range.

Hunters persistently make a difference in our back country. We encourage you to get involved with projects like these and join your local branch!


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