Have you been goat hunting for the national competition? Try this recipe!

3 September 2023

By Dariush Lolaiy, Head Chef of Cazador



6 g black pepper
2 g rosemary
3 g thyme
1 juniper berry
2 g cocoa nibs
1 star anise
17 g rock salt
3 g curing salt
20 g brown sugar
1kg goat topside (or any other leg cut)


Use a mortar and pestle to grind all the dry ingredients, except the salts and sugar, to a powder. Add salts and sugar.

Rub half the mixture over the meat, and reserve the other half. Place the meat in a non reactive container and refrigerate for 7 days. Turn the meat and coat it with cure every few days. The cure will draw out liquid, creating a brine.

Remove the meat and discard the brine. Apply the remaining cure to the meat, and refrigerate for a further 7 days.

Preheat the oven to 160°C.

Wash the meat under cold water and dry it thoroughly. Hang the meat in a curing
chamber with twine at 12°C for about 3 weeks, until firm - check it every couple of days.

A refrigerator is fine if you don't have a curing chamber.

Slice thinly and serve parmesan for extra umami.

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