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New Firearms Regulations Have Come Into Force


2 February 2022

An important update affecting you

Last year Police consulted on changes to firearms regulations and NZDA made a detailed submission which was shared with you.

Further to that, the Arms Amendment Regulations 2021 were subsequently put to the Governor-General, Cindy Kiro, as an Order in Council on 20th December 2021.

New regulations were put in place on the recommendation of the Minister of Police, Poto Williams.

These new regulations came into force, 1 February 2022, and determine how we use, store and transport our firearms and ammunition, among other regulations affecting dealers and new FAL applicants.

You can read the new regulations here or download a copy here.

The Police are yet to update their website but we recommend you refer to their Firearms & Safety section here.

You can read the Police's full regulatory analysis statement here. It's disappointing reading and clearly the shooting organisations', along with us at NZDA's, advice was contrary to what was ultimately put forward by Police and made into law.

Yesterday we asked Police for copies of official Police endorsed information in order to share with you. We will provide anything we receive as soon as possible. However, the new regulations are law and apply on and from today, despite what the Police website says.

The media have picked up on the new regulations coming into effect and COLFO appeared on TV1 yesterday morning. COLFO gave a good explanation of licenced firearms owners' concerns. Remember that as an NZDA member some of your membership fee goes to COLFO so they can advocate on these types of issues.


Media Links:

- RNZ Interview with Police Minister

- RNZ Raft of New Gun Laws Won't Change Situation

- COLFO TV One News Interview


Key Regulations for NZDA Members to be aware of

Despite the Explanatory Note to the Order omitting them as principal regulations being amended, NZDA believes the key changes you need to be aware of that affect every licensed firearm owner are:

- Tighter and new storage security precautions, with a key change being ammunition must be stored separately from firearms by 'reasonable steps' (as defined in the regulations)

- More prescriptive, onerous and restrictive transport requirements in different scenarios - private vehicle, ferry, motor home or farm vehicle, etc.

- When making a journey, i.e. to and from the rifle range or hunting grounds, firearms or ammunition can only be left unattended in vehicles for 60 minutes.