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Launch of Te Tari Pūreke - Firearms Safety Authority by Police

1 December 2022

Yesterday (30th November) Gwyn Thurlow, NZDA CEO, attended the launch of a new firearms regulator, aimed to ensure the legitimate possession and use of firearms, and deliver an online portal to apply for licences, etc.

30th November: Launch of Te Tari Pūreke - Firearms Safety Authority. Minister Hipkins addresses the room.



NZ Police Release an Online Licencing Website and Portal

Police Minister Chris Hipkins announced the release of Te Tari Pūreke Firearms Safety Authority and the MyFirearms online portal.

  • Read the statement from the Beehive here.
  • Read the Police media release here.

Firearms Safety Authority has been created to keep all our communities safe by regulating the legitimate possession and use of firearms in New Zealand.

As the firearms regulator, we ensure that people understand and comply with the legislation to keep themselves and others safe.

We’re committed to achieving our vision that the possession and use of firearms in Aotearoa is the safest in the world.

As a firearms user you can take some simple steps to protect yourself, your loved ones, your mates, and your community.

See the new website here.


What does this site have?

This will give you the ability to manage and pay for your licensing and some endorsements online.

"It will also allow you to update your personal information, such as address details, and provide us details on any change of health practitioner. You will be able to log in to MyFirearms via RealMe® and be able to save a partially completed application and come back to it later."

"Payments will be able to made online via a debit or credit card. The introduction of MyFirearms is one of the steps we are taking to modernise our work around firearms and become an effective regulator of the Arms Act. "

View the site here.