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Colony Of Sooty Shearwater Protected by NZDA Trapline

Sooty Shearwater Colony Will Continue To Be Protected By The Efforts Of Enthusiastic NZDA Members.

2 December 2021

The North Otago Branch has recently helped out local conservationists by taking over both the running and maintenance of a local predator trap line. It was previously developed and maintained by an enthusiastic group of guys who are sadly getting too long in the tooth to be able to continue.

NZDA has proudly taken up the conservation challenge after their long search.

Members Setting Traps

The already established trap line is located on the coast and surrounds a small local colony of Sooty Shearwaters. The trapline ensures the protection of these birds, as they nest in burrows below the ground when they return from their annual migration.

Currently there are around 15 various traps which are checked weekly during the summer and fortnightly to monthly during the winter.

The Branch plans to further original efforts by developing and constructing improved traps, as well as introduce a more structured plan to cover the nesting area and prevent predation of the juvenile birds.

If you’d like to get involved with this project or join NZDA Otago, head to our ‘Branch Finder’ to sign yourself up today!

JJ Harrison ( - Own work

JJ Harrison ( - Own work