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Rusa Deer

Cervus timorensis

Male: Stag
Female: Hind
Young: Fawn or Calf
Pic 2015 SA Dylan Higgison Manawatu Radar Ears H.C.


Stags are 1.1m at the shoulder and weigh 122kg; hinds are around 81cm and up to 70kg.


Stags in summer coat are dark reddish brown, changing to dark greyish brown in autumn. Hinds are pale yellowish red in summer and greyish red in winter. The chin, throat and underparts are cream.


Carried by stags only, normally antlers consist of three points on each side, the innermost tines longest and nearly parallel so they point straight upwards. Antlers are cast in December/January and velvet growth is completed by May.

Rifle and calibre

Rifle calibres of .243 and above are suitable for shooting rusa deer. As opportunities to shoot rusa tend to be rare, you should leave nothing to chance. You need a good telescopic sight as shots may be at long ranges, and this also means a heavier calibre may be best.

Record Trophy

235 Douglas Score taken by Douglas Neal at Snake Hill in 1962.

Record Book Qualification

160 Douglas Score.