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Feral Sheep

ovis aries

Male: Ram
Female: Ewe
Young: Lamb
26. Wild Sheep Image Tom McCowan


Variable depending on breed. Males up to 78cm shoulder height and weighing as much as 66kg; females about 70cm and 40–60kg.


Colour varies with the breed from white, dark brown to black or multicoloured.


Both sexes may carry horns. Ewe horns are slender, erect and curve backwards, whereas ram horns are much larger, curving back and spiraling outwards for up to two turns. Some sheep of both sexes may have “scurs” instead of visible horns, these are small horny growths on the frontal bones, often hidden in wool and not visible.

Rifle and calibre

.243 or larger with good hitting energy is recommended because feral sheep are medium-sized animals often covered in thick fleece.

Record Trophy

Douglas Score 105 4/8 taken by Murray Rapson at Kakanui Mountains in 1979.

Record Book Qualification

70 Douglas Score.