NZDA History
NZDA is overseen and governed by an elected board of volunteers, referred to as the National NZDA Board (formerly National Executive or "Natex" for short).

National President

C Benbow 2022

Craig Benbow, Malvern Branch, elected 2020. 

Vice President

C Sheridan 2022

Callum Sheridan, Auckland Branch, elected 2022. Previously North Island rep 2020-2022. 

National Treasurer

Position Vacant, no member was elected at our 2022 AGM.

National Secretary

Dan Friedman 2022

Dan Friedman, Auckland Branch, appointed October 2020. 

North Island Rep

Tim Taylor 2022

Tim Taylor, Bay of Plenty Branch, elected 2022.

North Island Rep

P Carmine 2022

Paul Carmine, North Auckland Branch, elected 2022.

South Island Rep

R Well 2022

Richard Wells, Nelson Branch, elected 2022.

South Island Rep

I Owen 2022

Ian Owen, South Canterbury, elected 2017.