Heritage Trust

Preserving our hunting and shooting heritage

In the more than 150 years since the introduction of game animals to New Zealand, there have been many traditions created, many fine trophies taken and a legacy of hunting lore established which is unique to this Country. The heritage of our pioneering past has brought a familiarity with firearms and a love of the firearm related field sports and recreation as well as a realisation of the importance to all of us of our bush, mountains, lakes and rivers.

Founded in 2000, the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ National Heritage Trust has been set up to find, collect, preserve and display historic material relating to hunting, deerstalking, shooting and firearms so that future generations can appreciate how the sport developed and how it used to be.

Initial investigation has shown that there is an enormous amount of hunting related material existing in the hands of old hunters or their families, much of which is unique and of historic interest. In many instances of families are uncertain as to what to do with such material.

The Library is located in Wellington and will be for the use of students, researchers and any members of the general public who wish to study matters relating to hunting, shooting, introduced game animals or firearms in New Zealand.

Vision and Ultimate Objective

To gain recognition in this Country and overseas as a specialised library, a pre-eminent centre of study, research and the preservation of all things related to hunting and shooting in New Zealand.

Mission and Purpose

  • To collect, protect, and display books, publications, original manuscripts research documents (published or unpublished), diaries, maps or any printed material relating to hunting or shooting
  • To retain photographs, film transparencies, glass plates or negatives, movie films, video or audio tapes, CD Roms, DVDs or any other recorded material, drawings, paintings and any other artistic work relating to the same subject matter.
  • To promote, encourage and assist studies and research on matters relating to hunting and shooting, introduced game animals, flora and fauna and their inter-related effects.

Structure and Administration

A Board of Trustees appointed for terms of three years administers the Trust. An elected Secretary and Treasurer services the Board. All positions are held on a voluntary basis although there is provision for the appointment of a librarian and/or archivist as well as other paid staff.

Material Sought

The Trust solicits donations, gifts or long term loan of books, original manuscripts, research papers, films, maps, photographs or transparencies, videos or movie films, hunting equipment, drawings or paintings which may be current as well as historic. Material donated or loaned will be acknowledged by appropriate certificates.


From time to time, the Trust may seek to republish out of print publications that it considers would be in demand and that would promote or encourage those objects in conformity with its constitution.

Sponsorships and Commissions

When sufficient resources become available, an object of the Trust will be the sponsoring or the commissioning of studies or research projects on New Zealand’s game animals, firearms, firearms usage and/or matters relating to hunting and shooting.

Sponsorships may be in the form of assistance in the full or partial publication of data or papers, funding or as part of a joint venture.

From time to time, the Trust may commission special studies or research projects and publish the results of such studies or research under the Library’s name. Charges for such publications will be set on a cost recovery basis so as to not conflict with the Trust’s charitable trust status.

Personal Donations

The Trust has approval from the Inland Revenue Department for individuals to claim rebates on any monetary donation over the sume of $5.00 made to the Trust. The maximum rebate claimable in any one year (⅓rd of the total sum donated) is currently $500.00

Corporate Donations

Greater tax deductions may be available for monetary donations to corporations or companies if they are recognised by the Department as a Widely -Held Company.

Endowment Donor

A person who has made a significant contribution to the resources of the Library may be elected to the status of Endowment Donor of the Library with its associated privileges.


The Trust welcomes legacies whether monetary or memorabilia in the form of documents, photographs, diaries, hunting and the like. In the case of legacies other than money, as much information as possible on the background relating to the items should be included.