NZDA Conference 2018

New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Associations thanks Wellington Branch for hosting the 70th annual NZDA conference this year.  To be held 13th – 15th July at The Thorndon Hotel.

Growing the Business - The Next Generation

This is the theme for the annual conference and must be the driving force for NZDA going forward.Times are changing and the association needs new blood and new ideas to meet the challenges raised by a changing society, changing business models and changing expectations of hunters.

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Latest Conference Details and Announcements ... 


Registration Form

Venue and accommodation details

Conference theme

Conference Paper 1

Remember Remits and Notices of Motion as well as nominations are required no later than 5.00pm Friday 4th May for inclusion.

Conference Paper 2 

Remember Instrument of Proxy, Apologies, General Business Form and Branch Report are required no later 5.00pm Friday May 25th for inclusion.

Conference Paper 3

Competition Entry Forms for the National Competitions for 2018

Please note there is a new provisional photographic entry form which covers Trail Cam and Drone pictures. National office has received some enquiries about photographic entries from Trail Cams and Drones. Moving forward to gauge whether or not there is the interest in these categories we have created an entry form for this year’s photographic competition. There will be no entry fee and it will be an Exhibition Only class. If sufficient entries are received a remit maybe put forward at this conference for discussion or a rule change maybe put forward at the 2019 conference which will take effect in 2020.

AHT Competition Form

Literary Competition

Photographic Competition Form

Young Deerstalker Entry Form

Photography (Trail and Drone Trial)

Shooting Competition Form


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