NZDA has 48 Branches New Zealand wide

When you join NZDA you join the National Association and your local branch or the Direct Branch.

NZDA Branches – your local hunting club

By joining a local NZDA branch:

  • You connect to a local network of like-minded individuals who share the common goal of enjoying hunting in your community.
  • You can enjoy all the facilities, meetings, events and competitions offered by your branch.
  • You work to make a difference by getting involved in hunting, education, club nights, competitions, volunteer work and conservation, and local projects.
  • You give back to your community and share your passion for hunting with that community.
  • You strengthen NZDA projects and advocacy while also protecting our hunting heritage.

What branch should you join? See the branch links below for contact information, branch meeting details and more about your local branch options.

Direct Branch - support your rights to hunt and shoot

If you are living overseas or wish to join and support the NZDA without participating in a local branch you can join the Direct Branch as a direct NZDA supporter Member. As a Direct Member you will get all the benefits of NZDA membership and know you are supporting the rights of hunters in New Zealand.

North Island Branches

South Island Branches