Benchrest North Island Championships 2016

 NZDA 2016 National Rimfire Benchrest Championship  NELSON  30 March 2016

Benchrest Nationals held in Nelson over Easter weekend

NZDA 2016 North Island Championship

The weekend went very well with 15 competitors, probably the best turnout for a North Island. Saturday morning was setup and practise with the first competition LV 100yds starting at 1pm

The match consists of 5 targets of 5 shot groups the top three groups in each relay were:

A target: Ian Owen 0.112; Mark Layland 0.218; Peter Haxell 0.264.  B target: Mark Layland 0.151; Ian Owen 0.174; Ian McFetridge 0.215.  C target: Mike Peacock 0.164; Judy Peacock 0.240; Graeme Smith 0.275.  D target: Ian Owen 0.104; Mike Peacock 0.229; Tony Titridge 0.241, Allen West 0.241.  E target: Ian Owen 0.195; Peter Haxell, Allen West 0.220; Mike Peacock 0.222.

Putting all the information for the five targets together gives the three top places for the LV 100 Agg: Ian Owen 0.1906; Mike Peacock 0.2406; Allen West 0.2916.

Sunday Morning another fine day, 9.00am start for 200 LV similar routine to 100.

A target: Ian Owen 0.262; Sue Gavin 0.301; Mike Peacock 0.336.  B target: Ian McFetridge, 0.262; Peter Haxell 0.319; Helen Owen, 0.342.  C target: Sue Gavin 0.309; Peter Haxell 0.349; Ian McFetridge 0.472.  D target: Ian Owen 0.339; Peter Haxell 0.370; Harvey Westlake 0.495.  E target: Peter F 0.352; Tony Titheridge 0.390; Mike Peacock 0.523.  LV 200 Agg: Ian Owen 0.2443; Peter Haxell 0.2473; Harvey Westlake 0.2765. 

Now we can get the LV Grand Agg: Ian Owen 0.2174; Mike Peacock 0.2853; Peter Haxell 0.2854.  Not much between 2nd and 3rd after 10 groups 50 shots.                                                  

Sunday afternoon - HV 200yds

A target: Tony Titheridge 0.325; Harvey Westlake 0.341; Helen Owen 0.381.  B target: Sue Gavin 0.333; Helen Owen 0.391; Mark Layland 0.408.  C target: Sue Gavin 0.446; Allen West 0.454; Harvey Westlake 0.621.  D target: Tony Titheridge 0.461; Peter Haxell 0.462; Steve W 0.483.  E target: Judy Peacock 0.434; Allen West 0.580; Peter Haxell 0.582.

We can now arrive at HV 200 Agg: Sue Gavin 0.2507; Allen West 0.2912; Peter Haxell 0.3154.

Monday morning, quite a change in the weather, misty rain that eventually cleared and only gave us one set of damp targets to mark.  Today’s match HV 100yds.  A target: Peter Haxell 0.099; Judy Peacock 0.153; Sue Gavin 0.177.  B target: Ian Owen 0.189; Ian McFetridge 0.206; Mike Peacock 0.225.  C target: Ian Owen 0.128; Tony Titheridge 0.137; Judy Peacock 0.180.  D target: Ian Owen 0.153; Judy Peacock 0.157; Mike Peacock 0.206.  E target: Ian McFetridge 0.118; Allen West 0.213; Judy Peacock 0.218.

Now we can talley HV 100 Agg: Ian Owen 0.1862; Ian McFetridge 0.1996; Peter Haxell 0.3154 and now HV Grand Agg: Sue Gavin 0.2681; Ian Owen 0.2779; Allen West 0.2804.

Now the most sought after prize at a benchrest match, the 2 Gun Agg: Ian Owen 0.2477; Peter Haxell 0.2850; Allen West 0.2878.

The weekend went very well and I would like to thank Peter and Graeme for their work marking targets and all those who helped me with the target changes and setting up target frames each day all of which helped the weekend to flow.  Also we had some new faces competing, I hope you enjoyed the weekend and that we will see you again. 

Look forward to seeing you all next year.

Malcolm Perry


2 Gun Grand Aggregate Winners:  Allen West (Bronze), Ian Owen (Gold), Peter Haxell (Silver)

Light Varmint Winners:  Peter Haxell (Bronze), Ian Owen (Gold), Mike Peacock (Silver)

Heavy Varmint Winners:  Allen West (Bronze), Sue Gavin (Gold), Ian Owen (Silver)


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