Battle for our Birds

Right or Wrong the Battle for our Birds will go ahead this winter.
      Help NZDA and GAC protect some of our game animals.

Dear Member,

In my early letter (13 May 2016) I advised that the aerial operation targeting rats and mice and mustelids would go ahead this winter regardless of the opposition of many hunters but supported by government and arguably the majority of New Zealanders.

In recent weeks GAC and NZDA have been in consultation with DOC to determine the extent   of the operation and to reinforce our requirement that the operation be conducted with minimal by-kill of game animals.

By mid-June we expect to be prioritising areas with animal populations that are particularly vulnerable and matching these against the department’s priority list which will be adjusted as monitoring of predator numbers continues.

To assist us in determining a priority list both GAC and NZDA along with NZ Pig Hunters Association will be asking hunters to urgently advise their group or individual views on what areas should be protected by mitigation.

This is important and your feedback is required by June 10.

Bill O'Leary

NZDA President

Battle for our Birds 2016 Mitigation survey

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