The New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association is still the largest National association for recreational hunters.  Over the last 64 years the association has endeavoured to speak for and represent all of New Zealand’s recreational hunters in the fight for our rights to hunt, own firearms and manage, or at least have a say in the management of, the public game animal resource.

Benefit to the Recreational Hunters of NZ

  • Direct advocacy on government legislation and policy matters; i.e. game animal status & management, firearm ownership, Access to public land & commercial exploitation of our valued resources
  • Continuous submissions and constant pressure on the state departments in regard to their management plans, poison operations, facility maintenance and conservation programmes.
  • Significant input to the formation of the Game Animal Council (GAC) legislation and now representation on the GAC.
  • Representation on and funding to COLFO to fight for our firearm ownership both here and internationally.
  • Research Fund for Game animal management and hunter surveys.

2016 Submissions made by the New Zealands Deerstalkers' Association

2015 Submissions made by the New Zealands Deerstalkers' Association

Submission on National Waro Permit Update

 NZDA branches have submitted in detail following meetings held regionally.

 Natex has submitted in support of those submissions.


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