Waipiti Closure Details

                   2018 Pre Ballot Period Block Closure

                     Wapiti Area : Fiordland National Park

                            Fiordland Wapiti Foundation

The Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, with support from Department of Conservation, will be closing the core area of the Wapiti Area as of the 1st of February 2018. The non-core area will be left open till the 15th of February.

The main aims of FWF are to improve the quality of this trophy herd and protect the environment of the Wapiti Area for conservation and trophy hunting outcomes.  Animal numbers must be controlled to a level that protects the conservation values of the area while maintain a culling programme   improves the Wapiti genetics and trophy potential of the herd over the long-term. 

Justification for early closure of the core area:

  • To reduce the over-harvest of good quality bulls, early in the season, before they have the opportunity pass on their genetics.  
  • To maximise the success and quality of hunting experience for legitimate bugle ballot holders during the bugle hunting periods, and 
  • To provide further opportunity for the FWF to cull non wapiti type and red deer when they are out in the open and not being disturbed by other hunting activity. There are still some red deer and unwanted males in the core area that are particularly
    vulnerable to aerial culling during February. 

Core Area Blocks:

Looking Glass


Stina Burn


George River


Lake Katherine

Edith True

left of WildNatives

Wapiti River

Upper Glaisnock

Loch Burn

Lugar Burn

Lower Glaisnock

Narrows Creek

Mid Burn Billy Burn

Saints Creek 


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