Formed in 1938, the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association is the recognised National body representing and speaking for New Zealand hunters generally.

The NZDA promotes the lifetime sport of hunting, the sport of shooting, responsible management of game animal resources, and respect for the New Zealand outdoors. We believe that the management of recreational hunting in New Zealand should be carried out by hunters, for hunters.

Never before has there been such a vast area of public estate available to hunters and the present executive of NZDA are working on behalf of all members of the Association to improve hunting opportunities and to remain steadfast in promoting the ethics and values put in place by the co-founders of the association, including that of fair chase.

Photography by Greg Duley

Photography by Greg Duley

Key activities

  • Advocacy on behalf of New Zealand’s hunters and shooters
  • The promotion of hunting as a lifetime sport
  • The promotion of running target, scoped rifle, & benchrest shooting
  • The promotion of sensible, effective, legislation on firearms ownership
  • The publication of a quarterly magazine, New Zealand Hunting & Wildlife
  • The promotion of effective hunter education through the HUNTS programme
  • The collection of data, and publication of the New Zealand Big Game Trophy Record Book
  • The organisation of National Competitions for:
    • Antler, Horn & Tusk Trophies
    • Photography
    • Range Shooting
    • Literary & Research Contributions
    • “Young Deerstalker of the Year”
    • Branch administration

The organisation

The Association is divided into 51 local branches, each serving a geographical area of New Zealand. Members are affiliated through a branch.

Local branches:

  • Hold regular meetings
  • Publish a newsletter
  • Operate a rifle range
  • Have annual competitions for Photography and Game Trophies.
  • Organise hunting trips
  • Conduct training in bushcraft and hunting techniques
  • Participate in their local Search & Rescue organisation

A direct branch is also available for any person who is unable to, or does not wish to belong to a local branch.

The Association holds a Conference annually, in the first week of July, which serves as its Annual General Meeting. At the Conference, a National Executive is elected to administer the affairs of the Association.

Header photograph by Brent Hollow of Southern lakes